you wouldn’t think there would be so many jack ass bigots on a video game forum

totally wrong


it’s on sale this week at target and I’m so tempted to buy it but I am poor and don’t know if I should

The only reason I got it was because my school gave me a $25 Target gift card for being stupid in Math lol

Its 25 this week instead of 30and Nintendo is greedy and never had sales so nows like my only chance but ehhh
QuestionBring me the cookies. Answer

they aren’t anything fancy but ok c:

cookies and doritos for breakfast

I’m going to die alone and fat

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who wants to date me I will give u ice cream in exchange cmon ladies

gotta be at work at 530 am

good thing I took a long fucking nap so I’m wide awake


somebody put this on a fucking t shirt

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